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  • Technical Development of Appropriate Claims File Loads

    File loads are integral to claims management and those adopted by insureres and/or claims agents may be a very significant differentiator in key performance indicators. In some cases little technical attention is given to establishing appropriate file loads – in many cases benchmarking against the competition forms the basis. In this paper we present a model methodology to establish appropriate file loads for different claim types and claims streams, concentration on long-tail. The cost benefit effect of reducing file loads is demonstrated by the trade off between increased management expenses and the value achieved through the improvement in claims outcomes.

    Publication date: April 4, 2007 | Topic: Pricing | Author: Aaron Cutter

  • Comparison of Motor Vehicle Bodily Injury Compensation Under Various Schemes in Australasia

    This paper compares premiums and the cost of compensation in various CTP schemes throughout Australiasia. Each jurisdiction is unique, and comparisons can be dangerous. However, we do it anyway.

    Publication date: April 4, 2007 | Topic: CTP | Author: Aaron Cutter

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    Self Insurance Newsletter April 2007 – Self Insurance v Scheme Insurance

    In all Australian states you can choose to insure your company’s workers compensation risk or you can self-insure; either via the state scheme or Comcare. The difference between the cost of insurance premiums and self-insurance can be significant and hence may be of interest to, companies considering self-insurance or self-insurers who want to know how their current costs compare with the premiums they would have to pay for insurance.

    For any particular year the comparison between self-insurance and insurance needs to take into account a number of components.

    Publication date: April 1, 2007 | Topic: Self insurance | Author: Mark Hurst, David McNab

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    Asbestos News – February 2007

    Publication date: February 28, 2007

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    Maximising the Value of Your FCR

    Maximising the value of your FCR

    Financial Condition Reports (FCRs) for general insurers form an important part of APRA’s regulatory regime. Gae Robinson provides some thoughts on getting the best value from your FCR.

    Publication date: September 30, 2006 | Topic: Pricing, Regulation / Appointed Actuary | Author: Gae Robinson

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