Injury Schemes Seminar 2013 – The Comcare Self-Insurance Option – Mark II

  • Synopsis

    Since the start of the current Federal Labor government there has been a moratorium on new self-insurance licenses under the Comcare scheme. Following completion of the Hanks review in 2013, there are a number of recommended changes to the licensing approach for new self-insurers, including a lifting of the moratorium and removal of the competition test. This paper provides an update of the 2007 report “The Comcare Self-Insurance Option”, with a focus on the implications for state workers compensation schemes if employers exit to Comcare and on the cost differentials to employers from such a move.

    About the Authors

    Mark is a Principal with Finity with almost 20 years experience in the general insurance industry. Mark is the leader of Finity’s self insurance practice.

    Andrew is a Principal of Finity, working with clients from both the private and public sectors on a diverse range of issues, both actuarial and strategic.  His primary area of expertise is accident compensation.

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