d’finitive – Asbestos News April 2012

  • Finity

    Welcome to our latest edition of d'Finitive Asbestos.  This issue includes commentary about major Australian and international developments regarding asbestos as at April 2012, including:

    •    A report by the NSW Law Reform Commission argues the law should be amended so that relatives of deceased asbestos  victims would receive full compensation.
    •    A man has received $1.15 million in a mesothelioma settlement in Victoria against Amaca, with average settlements likely to increase as a result.
    •    In Amaca Pty Ltd v Booth [2011] the High Court confi rmed that all material asbestos exposures may be found to cause mesothelioma.
    •   Adventurer Lincoln Hall died from mesothelioma attributed to asbestos exposure while building a cubby house when he was a child.
    •   Finity recently completed an empirical study of the claimant profi les for mesothelioma and asbestosis, as well as relativities between the incidence of these two diseases. This has potential implications for understanding how these diseases will run off .
    •    Two men associated with a company in Italy which exposed its workers and local communities to asbestos were imprisoned for 16 years each.
    •    A New York court awarded Travelers insurance group $420 million in a long running dispute with its reinsurers over recoveries on asbestos claims.