Climate Risk Discussion Group | June 2021

  • Think outside the box: physical risk modelling - Stephen Lau, Finity

    Steph looks at what are the considerations and practical issues of the physical risk modelling for portfolios, and how can we adapt these to meet CMSI, TCFD and APRA requirements? He also explores how Finity approaches modelling physical risk, reflecting climate change with Finperils.


    Climate risk disclosure expectations: frameworks, guidance and tools - Rade Musulin, Finity

    Rade looks at recent developments, possible future expectations, and discusses the immediate steps to prepare for more robust disclosure in strategic and operational planning.

    Principal in Climate Change and Energy - climate risk and corporate governance - Sue Lacey, Point Advisory

    Sue discusses the implications of risk assessment outcomes for corporate governance; strategy and climate-related commitments, unpacking how climate risks can influence/interact with these key business elements.

    Download Finity presentation Download Point Advisory presentation