Asbestos News June 2011

  • Finity

    Welcome to our latest newsletter on Australian and international developments in relation to asbestos.  This edition includes commentary about

    • A new study reveals home renovators are strongly represented in a new wave of asbestos-related disease reports that are starting to emerge
    • NSW Court of Appeal upholds a DDT decision that prolonged exposure to chrysotile asbestos in an occupational setting satisfies the legal test of causation for asbestos diseases
    • Tasmanian no-fault asbestos scheme to be funded by a 4% levy on workers’ compensation premiums
    • Uncertainty over the compensation of pleural plaques in the UK continues
    • AIG materially strengthens asbestos reserves citing increased medical expenses relating to new treatments such as “pain management”, and higher long term costs due to medical related longevity improvements
    • Berkshire Hathaway takes on the majority of AIG’s asbestos liabilities in a $1.6 billion transaction

    We trust you find this information interesting.  Please let us have any feedback you have.

    • Publication date: June 30, 2011
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