Unlocking the value of AI

Date11th May 2021

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Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly being used by organisations to solve business problems, free up employees to be more creative by automating tasks, create new products and make better decisions.

Finity’s leading team of technology experts and deep domain knowledge of data and analytics work closely with businesses to unlock the value of AI to enable innovation, new ways of operating and promote business growth. Finity has recently developed a number of AI offerings including a new AI product called Artificial Immune System (AIS) - a data defence system built on artificial intelligence operating like the body’s immune system.

AIS uses a novel artificial network to model the joint probability distribution of any set of data in any industry. By autonomously detecting abnormal patterns in an organisation’s data AIS helps build defences against both known and emerging threats, providing continuous monitoring, real time visibility, and a genuinely intelligent system that continues to lean as the nature of the issues evolve over time.

AIS is suitable for use in a wide range of industries and applications including:

  • Cyber security – protects websites by detecting, and alerting for suspicious traffic

  • Digital advertising – detects digital advertising fraud when digital ads are beings displayed to bots instead of real people

  • Insurance claims screening - detects anomalous and suspicious claims and keeps fraud out

  • Pricing automation – decides when automated pricing should be reliable or when policy attributes are unusual and pricing would be too uncertain.

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