Meet Analyst Tom van Denderen

Date17th March 2022

Finity Internships

Why Finity?

I have been fortunate enough to work directly with many employers of actuarial students, including Finity, due to my leadership of the Monash Actuarial Students Society. This was extremely beneficial, as I was able to learn about the culture of many different companies.

As a workplace, Finity has strong appeal. The opportunity to gain experience with the Finity Melbourne team has been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

I found Finity to have a more supportive culture than other potential employers, which was an aspect that enticed me. Having had aspirations to work directly with clients (and Finity offering that potential client-based consulting work), I was motivated to gain experience with them.

What was Finity’s intern application process like?

Finity’s application process was personal and friendly compared to my experience with other firms. I much preferred the human approach that Finity offered, with their preference for conversation rather than online-testing and analysis.

In order to protect its valuable culture Finity is driven by a cultural connection with new team members not just a strong academic record and technical proficiency to do the job.

What unique projects/area of business have you worked on at Finity?

While some of my time at Finity was spent completing data entry, I was also regularly exposed to broader projects and higher-level discussions, which definitely enriched my internship experience.

I also enjoyed assisting in the preparation of insurer recovery plans, validation of insurance calculators, as well as extensive research and development of both internal and marketable insurance-based products.

What is it like working as an intern at Finity?

I was pleased with the degree of independence and trust that I was given during my internship. I was regularly given the opportunity to be exposed to higher-level projects and client work. Particularly memorable was my participation in both client and industry-regulator meetings, as these experiences provided the greatest growth for my industry knowledge.

Any tips for interns looking to join in the Finity family?

In order to find and secure an opportunity that is truly rewarding and one that will allow for personal growth, there must be a cultural fit between employer and employee.

Interns looking to gain experience with Finity should look for opportunities to improve their communication and teamwork skills, through writing, speaking, listening, presenting, and collaborating with others.


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