Injury & Care Schemes

Finity’s accident compensation and disability specialists are experts in deeply understanding the dynamics of injury schemes.

Our focus

Rather than just giving you the numbers, we consider the environment and your needs to provide you with practical and real-world recommendations.

Strategic, technical advice for injury & care providers

We provide strategic advice, monitoring solutions and data analytics to insurers, schemes, regulators, government departments and insurers across compulsory third party, workers’ compensation, lifetime care and disability classes.

Finity is the Scheme Actuary to ten government insurers and/or regulators, providing the full suite of actuarial reviews and scheme design. We are the professional services provider of choice for insurers with asbestos-related disease liabilities.


Data analytics & best practice claims management

Our market leading actuarial and analytical consultants can find unique insights that are embedded deep within your scheme to transform your data into actionable business decisions.  

We work with injury and care schemes to:

  • Develop claims triage models to stream claims into different risk  bands aligned with available staff
  • Build individual claim models based on the claimants’ characteristics and history
  • Identify claims that are at risk of never returning to work and claims that have a high risk of pursuing common law, for targeted intervention from experienced claims
  • Benchmark service provider effectiveness and operational outcomes, to improve the value delivered by providers as well as identify those providers who are best at getting injured workers back to work faster. 



We look beyond the numbers

  • Valuation of liabilities

    Gain a deep understanding of cost drivers and their potential impact on your business. Build models of individual life time care needs.
  • Pricing, relativities and experience rating

    Develop pricing solutions at both the aggregate level and individual risks. Our pricing specialists offer a full service that meets regulatory requirements and bespoke requests.
  • Monitoring and claim trends

    In depth analysis of claims trends, both for whole-of-scheme and for individual portfolios or insurers, benchmarking your claims experience and providing practical insights into the drivers of experience.
  • Scheme design

    Working closely with scheme management, regulators and industry bodies to understand the environment, stakeholders, claimant behaviour and costs, we assist in designing, costing and implementing alternative legislative solutions.

Mental health claims specialists

We combine our actuarial expertise and analytics with specialist knowledge of claims and underwriting practices. We have extensive experience providing practical actionable advice, benchmarking and specialist knowledge to address the particular issues presented by mental health claims.


Research in mental health claims

Our extensive research confirms mental health claims are different from other personal injury or illness claims, requiring different approaches to deliver optimal outcomes. We can help you refine your operations and improve outcomes.

Delivering sustainable mental health claims improvements

Tailored claim segmentation ad claims handling strategies
Provider management frameworks
Interventions to reduce claims costs and duration
Evidence based quantification of the financial implications of mental health claims, and opportunities for improvements.

Insights to inform & inspire

Meet some of our specialists

Gillian Harrex

Gillian Harrex

Gillian Harrex

Gillian Harrex


Ph +61 3 8080 0901

Mobile +61 413 880 733




Gillian Harrex Director and Principal at Finity. She is an expert in long tail claims including catastrophic injury, motor accident compensation, medical malpractice, workers compensation and redress. She heads up Finity’s Melbourne team and has over 25 years of experience in general insurance. Gillian is a prominent advisor to state insurance schemes and lifetime care. She has worked with a wide range of insurance companies, medical malpractice insurers, statutory authorities, self-insurers and reinsurance companies across Australia. Gillian’s core areas of expertise include financial modelling and reporting, capital management, valuation of insurance liabilities and pricing for long tail classes of business with particular expertise in medical malpractice.

Areas of Expertise
  • Pricing
  • Reserving and portfolio monitoring
  • Medical negligence
  • Life time care
  • Liability
  • Motor injury
  • Workers compensation
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Financial management
  • Government oversight of statutory schemes
  • Capital design and management
Talk to me about
  • Injury and care (Medical indemnity, motor injury, workers compensation and lifetime care)
Aaron Cutter

Aaron Cutter

Aaron Cutter

Aaron Cutter


Ph: +61 2 8252 3321

Mobile: +61 417 527 204



BSc (Hon. Phys), FIAA

Aaron is a Director and Principal bringing over 25 years’ experience in general insurance, accident compensation and lenders mortgage insurance reserving, pricing, capital management, strategy, Appointed Actuary services and analytics. He leads Finity's Big Data practice as well as Finity’s proprietary sociodemographic model of every Australian - Defin’d.

Area  of expertise
  • CTP schemes and pricing
  • Capital management and strategy
  • LMI reserving, pricing and capital modelling
  • Accident compensation
  • Volatility and capital management modelling
  • Appointed Actuary
Talk  to me about
  • Accident compensation
  • Big data analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Defin'd


Andrew McInerney

Andrew McInerney

Andrew McInerney

Andrew McInerney


Ph +61 2 8252 3372

Mobile +61 415 899 487




BActStud, BCom, BPhys, FIAA


Andrew McInerney is a Director and Principal at Finity and has almost 20 years’ experience in accident compensation, asbestos liabilities, CTP, and the broader general insurance and disability sector. Andrew leads Finity’s workers compensation practice and acts as a ‘centre of knowledge’ for all workers compensation schemes across Finity. He works with clients from both the private and public sectors on a diverse range of actuarial, strategic and operational issues.


Andrew is highly skilled in the development of long tail financial models that identify the root cause drivers of claim outcomes, enabling his work in assessing scheme sustainability and assisting with scheme design. Andrew leads a number of valuation teams, delivers best practice reviews and performance benchmarking, and assists with the design of agent remuneration and incentive structures. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Workers compensation
  • Asbestos liabilities
  • CTP
Talk to me about
  • Injury & Care schemes
  • Workers Compensation


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