Co-operatives & Mutuals

We support a wide range of co-operatives and mutuals businesses to better manage their risk, capital and improve profitability.

Better manage risk & improve profitability

Working in partnership with CFOs and CROs through to product managers and risk officers we provide access to cutting edge analytics to support revenue, capital and risk-based decisions.

As a Business Council of Co-operatives Mutual (BCCM) Associate Member we offer cutting edge analytics to support revenue, capital and risk-based decisions to a wide range of mutual clients including specialist insurers and banks across Australia and New Zealand.


Capital management & mutual capital instruments

We apply a business lens to capital management to support risk appetite, business and strategic objectives. As an independent voice, we can help you understand whether a mutual capital instrument is right for your members. View our guide on raising Mutual Capital Instruments and Co-operative Capital Units linked below.



Bringing a real-world edge to forecasting

Our team of experts can work with you to draft realistic business plans which reflect current market conditions offering sophisticated business forecasting models with detailed projections of profitability and solvency. We can also work with you to develop monitoring tools which track progress against plans throughout the year.


Understand your customers

We demystify data by combining the latest techniques with deep industry expertise to capture the most value from your data.

We can help you understand your members better – how to get them, grow them and keep them by showing how your data adds value, extracting that value and effectively use it.



Appointed Actuary, pricing & reserving services

Our pricing and portfolio management leaders have 150+ years’ knowledge of the insurance market. We work with specialist mutual insurers, undertaking Insurance Liability Valuations and Financial Condition Reports that allow you to meet your statutory obligations and make sound judgements about your business and its liabilities.



Working with Finity

  • Customer focus

    We provide outstanding service partnering with our clients to build long term relationships.
  • Integrity

    Our advice is of the highest technical quality and we act with ethics and integrity, without bias or self interest.
  • Independent

    We are not a publically listed company - 'owned' by our employees.

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