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    Assessing the Financial Viability of Moving to Self Insurance

    Aim of Presentation:

    – How to determine whether a move to self insurance is cost effective

    – Both for employers considering:

    1. State scheme self insurance

    2. Self insurance via Comcare

    Publication date: April 1, 2008 | Topic: Self insurance | Author: Mark Hurst

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    Self Insurance Newsletter October 2007 – Captives Update

    First it was the bad news, now it’s the good news! Corporate insurance buyers, and especially those who own an overseas captive insurer, will be relieved at the latest developments in the foreign insurer saga. The DOFI legislation (that has now passed through Parliament) makes it illegal for a foreign insurer to write Australian insurance business, subject to limited ‘exemptions’.

    Publication date: October 1, 2007 | Topic: Regulation / Appointed Actuary, Self insurance | Author: Mark Hurst, David McNab

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    The Comcare Self-Insurance Option | ANZIIF Journal

    With the Australian Government actively promoting self-insurance under Comcare, some national employers are now considering whether the transfer from a state scheme to Comcare would be advantageous. Prospective Comcare self-insurers need to evaluate the combined risks and benefits of funding workers’ compensation benefits under Comcare, operating under the national OH&S system, and the upfront costs of exiting state workers’ compensation schemes.

    Publication date: September 30, 2007 | Topic: Self insurance, Workers comp

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    Self Insurance Newsletter August 2007 – Regulation of Captives

    The Australian Government has recently made a decision not to permit foreign insurers, including captives, to write business in Australia. This decision could have serious implications for organisations who rely on offshore captives to provide some or all of their insurance coverage.

    Publication date: August 1, 2007 | Topic: Self insurance | Author: Mark Hurst, David McNab

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    The Comcare Self-insurance Option Final

    The Australian government has moved to adopt some of the Productivity Commission’s recommendations for improving national consistency of workers’ compensation and OH&S.

    The particular direction being pursued is to facilitate access by employers to the OH&S and workers’ compensation provisions for Commonwealth employees through self-insurance under the Commonwealth agency, Comcare.

    We assess the Comcare self-insurance option against the alternatives of remaining under separate state jurisdictions as either an insured or self-insured employer. We particularly focus on:

    – differences in the OH&S and workers’ compensation frameworks

    – cost differentials

    – implications for the state workers’ compensation schemes if employers exit to Comcare.

    Publication date: April 4, 2007 | Topic: Self insurance, Workers comp | Author: Mark Hurst

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