Finity works closely with underwriting agencies to provide deep insights into portfolio performance.

Optimise business performance with an annual portfolio review, market analytics for benchmarking, pricing advice, rate review, monitoring and segmentation tools and natural peril models.


Finity’s Annual Portfolio Review for underwriting agencies includes a number of key analysis to help identify your portfolio’s exposure, pricing, claims trends and performance.

Our reviews will show how profitable a portfolio has been and what profit commissions you are likely to achieve.

You'll also get early indications of experience and gain data to benchmark your performance, develop intellectual property and stay ahead of your competitors.

Annual Portfolio Reviews

Exposure analysis

How has exposure changed? How does this impact my portfolio?

Pricing analysis

How have rates changes on renewal?

Claims analysis

How have claims developed? What segments are performing well and what segments are performing badly?

Profit & commission estimates

How profitable has my portfolio been? What commissions am I likely to achieve?

Market analytics

A comprehensive analysis of industry data, Market Analytics gives underwriting agencies key metrics on exposure and performance.

Spanning 51 industries and 15 occupations, Finity’s Market Analytics product will help:

  • Make informed strategic and pricing decisions
  • Assess trends by detailed segments
  • Benchmark your portfolio performance
  • Direct your underwriting targets to profitable segments

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