Dipping your toe into the insurance world can seem complicated.  Your new venture can benefit from those who know the business, and Finity has over 30 years of experience in insurance operations, strategy and technical know-how. We are working with several Insurtech start-ups in a number of different ways.


We are a ‘data-first’ company with the courage to embrace new technology to provide innovative solutions.

Yet we’re small and nimble enough to provide the type of approach that start-ups need, when they’re, well… starting.

We can help in any way you need

We’ll work to your style, exploring the skills you need to help with the particular phase your business is at. We’re happy to discuss flexible pricing options, referrals and data support available to help you get off the ground.

Idea validation

Provide strategy and operational guidance as well as technical expertise to help identify possible market size and your pricing approach.

Business feasibility

Confirm your concept, model and financial feasibility. We’ll provide a raft of advice on market entry options and key relationships to help set up for success. Access our technical skills across risk premiums, capital, pricing as well as scenario testing.

Business start-up

Assist with connections and referrals relating to capital and funding options. Guide your implementation through licensing to management of operations and monitoring.  Explore rating engines and pricing structures.

Give us a call

We're happy to chat about the right services for your start-up.

Graeme Adams

Graeme Adams

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Marcello Negro

Marcello Negro

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Mobile  + 61 410 529 952