We have years of experience working on different claims performance and operating models. One size does not fit all - but best practice is attainable for any insurer.


Claims performance - claim file review

So much can be learned from a claim file review. When you need to know what is really going on there is no substitute for information ‘straight from the coalface’. Are the processes and strategies management believe are in place evident in the claim files? What factors lead to claims becoming difficult and long term cases? How do I compare to my competitors and best practice?

A claim file review may be commissioned: to better investigate claim leakage, understand emerging trends, inform strategy, and to benchmark claims management against best practice principles.

Finity has extensive experience in conducting reviews – including workers compensation reviews and other long tail portfolios. Our experience is that savings as much as 15% - 20% can be achieved by a targeted review of larger claims.

Whatever the scope of the review, similar themes often emerge. This has led us to identify the common pitfalls in claims management, and develop helpful strategies that claims managers can use to avoid them.

Common pitfalls in claims management occur in four key areas:

Claims Process

Claims Costs

Claims Staff


Common claims pitfall diagram

Best practice claims management:

  • Starts from the top, with the way the organisation sees its claims operations
  • Requires that systems and resourcing support proactive and strategic claims practice
  • Relies on meaningful analysis and measurement feeding back into strategy.

Best practice claims management

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