Finity is a provider of choice for pricing long tail classes.  We combine your experience, industry knowledge to understand market level risks and trends and real world experience to make commercial pricing decisions.


Our approach allows for emerging experience and employ both traditional and cutting edge statistical techniques.

We'll tailor our projects to account for any legislative constraints.


Workers Compensation


Lifetime Care

Scheme level Break-even premium rate analysis

Benefit costing advice

Break-even premium rate analysis

Benefit costing advice

For privately underwritten schemes, provide an ‘Industry view’ to serve as a benchmark

Levy advice
Rating segment Relativity studies by industry classification

Conversion of industry groupings (ANZSIC mapping)

Occupational clustering analysis

Relativities studies by vehicle class, region, etc

Impact of introduction of new/changed categories


Relativities studies by risk factorImpact of introduction of new/changed categories


Individual risks Design of experience rating and employer incentive schemes

Large employer pricing models

Performance benchmarking

Profitability segmentation analysis

Bonus/malus analysis

Profitability segmentation analysis

Other Premium certification for privately underwritten schemes, either independently or with internal actuarial teams  


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We also provide pricing advice to other specialist long tail portfolios including medical indemnity, liability and D&O.

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