Navigating natural perils can be difficult due to the infrequent nature of events and lack of available data.

finperils simply and effectively models weather and catastrophe claims so you can confidently price your product.

finperils is a natural perils risk model built specifically for pricing.


Our suite of finperils models will ensure you make informed strategic pricing decisions.

Product Information

Built specifically for pricing

Most products in the market focus on accumulation risk, with pricing a secondary consideration. Accurate pricing is our primary objective, so we deliver risk scores that can be directly used to calculate premiums.

Identifies high and low risk locations

Our research has concentrated on identifying location characteristics which drive differences in the level of risk. This minimises anti-selection and identify opportunities for profitable growth.

Industry leading approaches

We have developed our own proprietary dataset by combining multiple sources, providing you with the most accurate description of risk for each property.

Extensive research and investment

Our models give you access to the latest in perils pricing sophistication, no matter what size your organisation.

Build trust with underwriters through transparency

Our models provide clarity around the risk drivers and how they were derived. This transparency enables us to build trust with your underwriters.

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