ICMs allow you to analyse the drivers of financial risk and to better understand how these influence profit volatility, capital needs and related management strategies.

Our modelling approach is flexible - using a range of specialised software tools we have developed in-house.

We can work with you to:

  • Develop sophisticated models that simulate the financial performance of a company
  • Define relevant risk measures that can be used as decision-making benchmarks
  • Use our models to devise and test alternate strategies to manage your risk profile and optimise performance.

Help with capital management

Developing a risk-based framework that integrates our modelling of profit volatility with corporate risk appetite to determine how much capital a company needs to support its business.

Support dividend strategies

Modelling the impact of different dividend strategies on the company’s risk profile and ability to meet shareholder expectations.

Capital structure

Analysing the impact of the types and mix of debt and equity instruments used to capitalise the business.

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