Tony was an intern at Finity in before joining us as a graduate in 2015.
He tells us about his experience so far.


The support I received from every single person I've worked with at Finity is astounding. People genuinely care about your development and they are more than willing to help you meet your goals.


Which university did you go to and what did you study?

I went to Melbourne Uni and did a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Actuarial Studies and Finance. I was planning to do Honours as well but Finity offered me a graduate position and the offer was just too good to resist!

Why did you choose Finity?

After my internship at Finity, I knew there was no better place for me. It not only ticked all the boxes but it excelled in all of them. Having limited actuarial work experience, I wanted to be exposed to as much of the industry as possible. Being a leading actuarial consulting firm, Finity was perfect because you get to do interesting work with a range of clients and across multiple disciplines. Everyday I know there will be something new and challenging to do, so work is never boring. The culture and working environment is also friendly and relaxed, yet still professional and hard-working. You get to work with the most brilliant people in the industry and they are always open to help and guide you.

What’s been the most interesting part of your work as a Graduate?

Your best friends as a grad will be SAS and Excel. But as much as I love manipulating 5GB datasets and playing with pricing models, the most interesting part of my work is actually learning about all the different types of general
insurance on the market. One week I found out just how complicated pet insurance was (because who knew there were over 300 breeds of dogs!) and another week I was looking at baby-related claims in medical indemnity
insurance. My favourite so far has been learning about how companies price motor insurance. Did you know the colour of your car could influence how much you pay for insurance?

What have you enjoyed most in your first year at Finity?

The support I received from every single person I’ve worked with at Finity is astounding. People genuinely care about your development and they are more than willing to help you meet your goals. You really feel valued and
people appreciate the hard-work you put into the job. Whenever I get stuck on a difficult task, I can always count on someone sitting nearby to give me a hand or teach me the best way to tackle the problem. Another great thing about Finity is all the fun work events that I get to attend throughout the year, such as Finity’s Birthday and the much anticipated Christmas Party. Also, how can I forget the
endless supply of snacks in the kitchen. There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing a hard piece of work, going into the kitchen, and eating a Tim Tam!

What advice would you give to students when applying for intern or graduate positions?

Make sure your CV and cover letter are well written, easy to read and highlight who you really are. On your cover letter, don’t be afraid to write about your interests (I know I definitely did) and what you love to do. You want to make
a good impression and be unique. Remember to also check the Finity website on how to write a great cover letter. I still remember following those tips and it was really helpful for me.

The interview is definitely the most important part of the process. So far employers have only seen who you are on paper and now they want to get to know you in person. Interviews can seem scary, but try to relax. Good
preparation is key to feeling less nervous and more confident about yourself. Before your interview, have a think about why you want to work at Finity, the skills you can bring, interesting things you’ve done and what makes you
different from other people. Thinking about these things beforehand will save you thinking time during the interview!