Your cover letter is the first thing people see, so remember: first impressions count. A simple approach will help you write something meaningful and interesting.

This is a chance for the reader to learn more about you and what you want.


  • Include your address and contact details.
  • Mention you are applying for a graduate role and why that position appeals to you. Why do you want to work at Finity? Why do you think we are a good match for you?
  • Briefly mention any relevant experience or skills that relate to the work we do.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests beyond study.

  • Proof read and double check, then check again!  A well written letter stands out.
  • Keep it brief, three paragraphs is a good rule of thumb. If you have more to say that’s ok, just make sure your letter is no longer than one page in total.
  • Who will read your letter? It might be someone who has to read lots of graduate applications that day, so making your letter easy to read and memorable will help.

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