Quantify, leverage and manage risk to improve risk culture and the performance of your organisation.

Empower your risk strategies

Adopt a commercial and practical approach with Finity's insurance professionals with years of relevant operational and risk management experience.

Meet your APRA requirements & gain a deep understanding of your liabilities.

We partner with insurers and government agencies to:

  • Provide strategic advice to Boards and management
  • Develop risk and compliance frameworks,  facilitating risk profile workshops and development of Risk Appetite Statements
  • Conduct APRA insurance risk self assessments, licensing and other regulatory requirements
  • Conducting independent comprehensive triennial RMF and ICAAP reviews
  • Reviews of underwriting and claims management capability and performance.

Our risk management expertise & experience

Our advice is clear and practical to ensure it supports your strategic and operational decisions and can be easily integrated into your business.
  • Triennial & Annual CPS 220 reviews

  • Strategy & framework development and reviews

  • Insurance risk self-assessments

  • Risk appetite statements

  • Risk culture surveys, focus groups & training

  • Board facilitiation risk & strategy workshops

  • Cyber risk management

  • Insurance prudential standards advice, including CPS 220, regulatory changes & implementation

  • Security frameworks including controls, registers & third party provider assessments

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"We work in partnership with insurers and governments agencies, executing strategic, risk management and claims initiatives."
Jacob Mamutil
Finity | PrincipalGet in touch

Meet some of our specialists

Jacob Mamutil

Jacob Mamutil

Jacob Mamutil

Jacob Mamutil



Ph +61 2 8252 3318

Mobile + 61 411 012 060

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobmamutil/


LLB, M.Com, Solicitor of the NSW Supreme Court

Jacob is a lawyer and has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years. He is the head of Finity’s management consulting team and also leads Finity’s ERM practice. He is experienced in assisting clients with strategy development, outsourced CRO services and APRA authorisation applications. Prior to joining Finity, Jacob held senior management roles at IAG in direct and intermediated insurance portfolios, as well as in executing strategic and corporate development initiatives.

Areas of Expertise
  • Strategy
  • APRA licensing & regulatory advice
  • Statutory classes - CTP, builders warranty
  • Risk and operational management
Talk to me about
  • Royal Commission Response
  • Outsourced CRO services
  • APRA license applications and policy documentation
  • Strategy development and execution



Scott Collings

Scott Collings

Principal & Managing Director
Scott Collings

Scott Collings

Principal & Managing Director


Ph +61 2 8252 3378

Mob: +61 418 451 425

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-collings-0b88359b/


BE (Hons), FIAA

Scott is a Principal and the Managing Director of Finity Consulting with over 30 years of experience in general insurance. He is a consulting actuary specialising in the financial and strategic management of General Insurance companies and Accident Compensation Schemes. Scott has been responsible for delivering actuarial advice across the spectrum of general insurance products with particular emphasis on reserving, pricing and capital management advice. His key focus areas include Appointed Actuary roles and leadership of Finity's Capital and Risk Management practice.

Areas of Expertise
  • Financial management of general insurance businesses
  • Appointed Actuary – reserving and financial condition reporting
  • Capital management and internal capital models
  • Capital allocation and portfolio performance monitoring
  • Business plan development
  • Investment strategy
  • Reinsurance program design
  • Product expertise in Lenders Mortgage Insurance, Public Liability, CTP, Commercial Motor, Medical Indemnity, SME Business Packages, Builders Warranty, Retail Warranty and Multi-Peril Crop Insurance
Talk to me about
  • Capital & risk
  • Internal capital models
  • Asset return & economic modelling
  • Reinsurance strategy
  • Capital allocation
  • Investment strategy
  • Enterprise Risk Management
Francis Beens

Francis Beens

Francis Beens

Francis Beens



Ph +61 2 8252 3388

Mobile +61 434 105 192 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/francis-beens-a6a5193b/



Francis is a Principal at Finity with 15 years’ experience in general insurance, specialising in financial analysis, reporting, capital, and risk for insurers. He holds a double degree in actuarial studies degree and law. He is also Finity’s IFRS 17 (the new insurance accounting standard) expert. Francis’ law degree has proved to be a valuable asset to Finity. In addition to quickly grasping technical legislative issues, he also understands how the legal environment plays out in general and health liability claims costs over time.

Areas of Expertise
  • Volatility and Capital Management
  • Financial Projections and Budgeting
  • IFRS 17
  • Appointed Actuary
  • Workers Compensation
  • CTP
Talk to me about
  • Financial forecasting
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