We understand the healthcare environment.

We combine analytics and health expertise to harness the power of data for acute health care.



Our data

Using varied data sources and a range of techniques and tools we gain a comprehensive view of health care activity across the full care continuum and patient profiles in an efficient and cost effective manner.


We work in partnership with the public and private sector to provide data analysis and outputs that are usable, real and relevant to stakeholders.

Understanding healthcare complexities

We understand the healthcare environment and challenges. Our team can manage the complexity of multiple data sets and multiple data points while rapidly combining separate, sizable data.

Our approach

We have designed our approach to complement the tools used across the healthcare sector while cognisant of the limitations in using health service activity data.


The result is a new level of insight, knowledge and understanding in a readily understood format designed to deliver a higher quality service across clinical care, operations and financial management.


Defin’d is Finity’s big data, analytics and consulting service that helps you better understand your customers and maximise business performance.

Our track record

Talk to us about health analytics

The Finity big data team are available to help clients to fully embrace the substantial opportunities big data technology presents and decide – where to from here?

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