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Defin’d is Finity’s big data, analytics and consulting service that profiles Australian households and their behaviours to help you better understand your customers and maximise business performance.

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Introducing Defin’d Gems: a new customer micro-segmentation product for precise and comprehensive insights into your customers, prospects and markets.


From designing new products and services, through to helping you decide how to price, market and sell them, Defin’d can precisely segment your markets and analyse your performance within them – by geography, demography and consumers’ attitudes and life stage.

Unlike other big data solutions for consumer research, Defin’d offers you unique insights which represent the entire Australian population.

The rich representation of Australia’s population and households means you benefit from a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects and see what customers purchase, where they live, their propensity to switch as well as identify any opportunities and threats.


How it works

1. Our data

Defin’d uses a proprietary cloud-based dataset that combines a complete and current representation of Australian households.

2. Your data

We then overlay this dataset with your own business, customer or market data to reveal unique insights into consumer needs, behaviours and consumption.

3. Insights

We then turn these insights into actionable, commercially focused business recommendations and outcomes. This can include segmenting markets for business expansion and identifying look-alike and act-alike consumers.

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Financial services


Property organisations



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