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Our team of actuaries and statisticians provide innovative big data solutions by employing the best tools, techniques, partners, and most importantly, people to provide analytics to solve your real world business challenges.

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Introducing Defin'd - Finity’s big data, analytics and consulting service


Our data

Data analytics is about finding useful information among the ‘noise’. By combining external data to supplement your own data offers another dimension to data analytics, we can help you to unlock new insights and provide unique solutions to your business challenges.

A unique view

Any dataset can be analysed. At Finity we do things differently, carefully selecting the data sources that give you the greatest insight into your customers. We do this by partnering with leading firms to provide ‘unique view’ of your customer, who they are, their media consumption habits and behaviour.

Our capabilities

At Finity we hire the very best analytic minds. For over 30 years, our actuaries and statisticians have been providing leading edge analytics to insurers, transforming huge volumes of data into actionable business decisions.

Our tools

Our people are empowered through the use of cutting edge analytic tools developed in-house or licensed through one of our strategic, analytic partners.  We incorporate a wide range of predictive and unsupervised modelling techniques into our work and have the unique ability to sift through large, unstructured data sources in the search for business intelligence.  These tools include decision tress, gradient boosting models, network analysis, clustering and geospatial techniques amongst others.

Our IT infrastructure

We use a combination of physical, on-site and on-demand cloud-based computing to support our technology needs. The combination of on-site and cloud-based services gives us the flexibility to cost effectively dial up our infrastructure as needed. It also allows us to leverage the latest parallel processing and querying technologies, so that we can always deliver to you the most appropriate solution without continually reinventing the wheel.

Working with ...

Advertising and media
Financial services
Property organisations

Case study / Analytics

Read our use cases to discover how companies can use our new technology platform to collaborate for more impact.

Use case: Insurance regulation

Use case: insurance regulation

Regulators overseeing the insurance industry frequently ask insurers for information.


Use case: Fraud detection

Use case: fraud detection

Insurance fraud costs insurers more than $2.2 billion every year in Australia.


Use case: Provider pricing

Use case: provider pricing

Insurers rely on service providers to deliver quality services at a reasonable cost.


Our partners

In order to provide the most innovative solutions to your business problems, we partner with leading firms. Our partnerships with organisations such as Duck Creek and other major big data players, give us the edge and access to some of the most flexible tools and varied data sources with which to enhance the analytic projects we undertake with our clients.


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The Finity big data team are available to help clients to fully embrace the substantial opportunities big data technology presents and decide – where to from here?

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