Stephen is a Principal at Finity based in Sydney.  He is an actuary with over 15 years’ experience consulting in general insurance.  He specialises in pricing, data analytics and in strategic business opportunities for short tail and long tail insurers.

Stephen Lee

  Ph +61 2 8252 3333

    Mobile + 61 403 213 308

Areas of Expertise

  • Appointed Actuary
  • Commercial lines insurance
  • Tort temperature
  • Terrorism insurance
  • Defin'd: big data analytics and consulting


During his time with Finity, Stephen has consulted for insurers and government bodies.  He has advised in a broad range of areas including pricing, predictive modelling, regulatory compliance, and volatility management.

Stephen is one of the leaders of Defin’d, Finity’s big data analytics and consulting practice.  He has been intimately involved in the development of the proprietary Defin’d datasets describing the Australian population, households, and motor vehicles.

Stephen monitors the litigation environment on its impact on bodily injury insurance costs.  He publishes annual updates of the tort temperature, which is based upon a paper which Stephen authored in 2012, titled “Gauging the Tort Temperature and the Tort Temperature Scorecard”.

Key Accomplishments

  • Advised the Commonwealth Department of Treasury on the need, feasibility, and financial impact of extending the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation to include coverage of mixed commercial and residential use buildings.
  • Assisted a large Australian life insurer with the design of their group life insurance arrangements.  This included stochastic modelling of future claims outcomes, and the implications this has on profitability.
  • Assisted a large diversified North American insurer to understand the impact of macro-economic and portfolio drivers on claims variability by business segment and at a global level.  A variability model was developed and fitted for each macro-economic factor which was found to impact on claims cost.  This included fitting transition models and statistical distributions.  The variability analysis has been used by our client to determine appropriate profit margins for each of its global underwriting portfolios.
  • Stephen regularly authors thought pieces and contributes to professional discussions.  Stephen has written papers and given presentations for the General Insurance Seminar, Actuaries Summit, and Financial Services Forum.  In addition, Stephen regularly writes newsletters on a range of issues.