Scott is a Principal and the Managing Director of Finity Consulting. He is a consulting actuary specialising in the financial and strategic management of General Insurance companies and Accident Compensation Schemes. Scott has been responsible for delivering actuarial advice across the spectrum of general insurance products with particular emphasis on reserving, pricing and capital management advice. His key focus areas include Appointed Actuary roles and leadership of Finity's Capital and Risk Management practice.

Scott Collings

  Ph +61 2 8252 3378

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial management of general insurance businesses
  • Appointed Actuary – reserving and financial condition reporting
  • Capital management and internal capital models
  • Capital allocation and portfolio performance monitoring
  • Business plan development
  • Investment strategy
  • Reinsurance program design
  • Product expertise in Lenders Mortgage Insurance, Public Liability, CTP, Commercial Motor, Medical Indemnity, SME Business Packages, Builders Warranty, Retail Warranty and Multi-Peril Crop Insurance.



During his 27 years of general insurance consulting, Scott has been involved in a wide range of projects covering pricing, reserving and capital management advice to private sector insurers and reinsurers, as well as government accident compensation schemes. He has been employed as Appointed Actuary to six different licensed general insurers in Australia including: Wesfarmers Insurance, and RACQ Insurance.

Since 1997 Scott has led the firm’s Capital and Risk Management practice.  Over the last 10 years this practice has completed well over 200 projects for 65 different clients, both locally and overseas. These projects are typically focussed on capital management issues such as the development of operational capital targets, risk-based allocation of capital, dividend strategy, asset mix optimisation and the analysis and restructuring of reinsurance programs.

Key Accomplishments

  • Practice Leader for Capital and Risk Management (since 1997) specialising in the development of Internal Capital Models and delivering strategic advice on capital management plans, reinsurance program design, investment mix, risk-based capital allocation and balance sheet risk margins.
  • Appointed Actuary roles involving Board level reporting on liability valuation and financial condition for 6 licenced insurers, including Wesfarmers Insurance and RACQ Insurance.
  • Engaged by one of the world’s largest commercial insurers to identify and measure their exposure to systemic risks. Finity developed and calibrated models for the impact of all major systemic loss drivers for the US insurance industry, including natural catastrophes, liability ‘tort temperature’, latent claims (asbestos/pollution), systemic construction defects, medical inflation, vehicle and workplace safety standards, economic recessions, wage and price inflation and the industry underwriting/pricing cycle.  These industry risk models were applied to the company’s exposure profile and used to produce company-specific financial risk measures.