John is a Principal at Finity leading the statistics and advance analytics team. He has many years of hands-on experience using advanced analytics techniques to deliver commercial strategies and outcomes for his clients.  John is also one of the leaders within Defin’d, Finity’s big data consulting practice area, and has recently been developing advanced data analytics using demographic and market survey data for insurance and non-insurance sectors.

John Yick

  Ph +61 2 8252 3384

   Mobile +61 412  991 238

Areas of Expertise

  • Price optimisation and pricing strategies
  • Data analytics and predictive moedlling
  • Customer behavioural modelling
  • Machine learning and statistical techniques
  • Big data analytics and consulting



John is one of the leaders of Defin’d, Finity’s big data analytics and consulting practice.  He has been the chief architect in the technical development of the proprietary Defin’d datasets describing the Australian population, households, and motor vehicles.

John works closely with some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading insurers, providing pricing and portfolio management advice across a range of issues. He also specialises in assisting clients building their own internal pricing and data analytics capabilities.

John also works with non-insurance clients such as building repair management and online classified companies, assisting them with pricing, product design and, more generally, making better use of data to derive valuable insights.

Key Accomplishments

  • Assisted a large State based personal-lines insurer in designing a system to manage renewal pricing offers at individual customer level. This included detailed profitability analysis, customer behavioural modelling, price elasticity modelling and designing a framework to combine multiple customer dimensions to come up with optimal renewal price offering.
  • Designed an underwriting pricing framework for a large travel insurer. This include the review and construction of predictive cost models for different covers and products, construction of a model performance monitoring tool and devising framework for detection of developing trends and FX movement impact adjustments.
  • Assisted a building repairs management company in understanding the drivers of differences in labour and material cost of building repairs. This included text mining to manage free text records and extract key words for proper data analysis and predictive modelling of these costs based on factors such as location, trade, tasks and size of jobs.
  • Developed machine learning algorithms (proprietary to Finity) that are customised for insurance data. These algorithms address weaknesses in standard algorithms when dealing with unusual distributions of some classes of insurance data. The improvements of these algorithms over standard ones are generally significant and large.