Gae is a Principal at Finity and is based in Sydney. She has worked as an actuary in General Insurance since 1993.  Her primary areas of expertise are long tail business and Appointed Actuary roles.

Gae Robinson

  Ph +61 2 8252 3369

   Mobile +61 424 625 698

Areas of Expertise

  • CTP
  • Workers Compensation
  • Medical Indemnity
  • Appointed Actuary


Gae is the Appointed Actuary for four APRA-authorised insurers whose business spans long tail and short tail classes. Three are branches of overseas-based insurers.

Gae has wide experience across accident compensation schemes – notably CTP and workers’ compensation. She has provided reserving, pricing and scheme design advice to a range of Australian and NZ schemes, and also has experience working with private insurers in both CTP and workers’ compensation.

Gae leads Finity’s Appointed Actuary practice group, which provides support and guidance to all of Finity’s Appointed Actuaries. Gae’s particular areas of focus are ICAAP and Financial Condition Reports.

Key Accomplishments

  • Assisted a workers’ compensation scheme to reduce its ‘tail’ liability by undertaking segmentation analysis to identify claims which were suitable for redemption or other discontinuance strategies. This involved working closely with claims managers.
  • Provided advice to a community-based organisation which was establishing a redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse. This included modelling of potential claims and advising on an appropriate redress payment structure.
  • Worked with Board members and senior management of an APRA-authorised insurer to develop an ICAAP stress and scenario testing framework.  This was used to establish a suitable target operating range for capital, consistent with the insurer’s risk appetite.
  • Co-authored a report which presented a ‘best practice’ workers’ compensation scheme design suitable for both public and private underwriting environments.