David is a Principal at Finity based in Melbourne.  He is an Actuary and has 20 years’ experience consulting in General Insurance, specialising particularly in capital, risk and volatility management for long tail classes of insurance.

  Ph +61 3 8080 0903

   Mobile +61 402 064 630

Areas of Expertise

  • Volatility and Capital Management
  • Medical Indemnity
  • Health analytics
  • Asbestos
  • Workers Compensation
  • Appointed Actuary



David has a wide range of experience in reserving and pricing most classes of general insurance risks, having acted for a number of years as Appointed Actuary (or equivalent positions) to both private and public sector insurers.

One particular area of unique expertise is in the area of volatility & capital management where David has completed projects with focus areas ranging from the levels of operating capital, to reinsurance strategy, to investment strategy.  David’s long term success as an advisor in this area is founded on his ability to clearly communicate complex insurance modelling in a manner that is easily understood and articulated in a way that reflects each client’s tolerance to risk.

Another area of unique expertise is in the area of asbestos liabilities where David is currently an advisor to six organisations.  He regularly contributes to thought leadership in this area and has presented at various industry forums in recent years.

Key Accomplishments

  • Strategic capital advice, which was critical in assisting a Government insurer in determining their capital needs, preferred funding range and reliance on external capital support.
  • Development of a robust, best-practice risk based premium allocation framework for both state wide Medical Indemnity risks and geographically spread Property risks.
  • The projection of Australian mesothelioma cases for the Federal agency, the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency.  This projection had a particular focus on ‘third wave’ asbestos exposures noting the rising prevalence of mesothelioma emergence stemming from the popularity of home renovations in Australia.
  • A Tort Temperature Review for a state wide medical indemnity portfolio to identify external systemic inflationary cost drivers.