Regulatory changes in Financial Services

Regulatory changes in Financial Services

By April 1, 2021News

Finity experts, Leanne Angell, Raj Kanhai and Geoff Atkins recently hosted a webinar looking at how the new regulatory environment will impact underwriting agencies.

Polls taken during the webinar found that an impressive 92% of attendees had experienced average or better, cooperation between insurers and underwriting agencies in preparing for DDO. But there is still a way to go, with over three quarters not yet ready to release their Target Market Determinations.

The webinar looked at:

  • What regulation is coming in 2021?
  • Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) and how to take ‘reasonable’ steps to ensure products are distributed consistently with the Target Market Determination (TMD)
  • Claims as a Financial Service – and how claims can be managed ‘efficiently, honestly and fairly’

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