Finity's response to COVID19

Finity’s response to COVID19

By March 17, 2020News

Beginning this week, as a part of our business continuity response to the coronavirus pandemic Finity is temporarily changing its work practices so that all consultants will be working remotely rather than from our offices.

Finity has not had an incident of coronavirus infection, but like all businesses we are committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff as well as using social distancing to lessen the potential spread of coronavirus. We will review the ongoing need to maintain these arrangements on a weekly basis.

Changes to our work practices

Other important points to note about this change:

  • There will be a gradual transition to working remotely over the course of this week
  • Our IT infrastructure is designed to enable all staff to work remotely and there will be no change in the high level of security with which client data is stored
  • Each consultant will continue to be contactable by email or on their mobiles (office phones will be redirected)
  • Our reception will continue to be staffed for general queries and administrative tasks
  • All meetings (client or internal) will be conducted by phone supplemented by web-based tools as appropriate

All staff have been asked to refrain from air travel for any purpose.

Uninterrupted service

Our aim and expectation is to provide an uninterrupted service to our clients. There should be no change in our responsiveness, work quality or our ability to meet deadlines. During the transition period this week your Finity consultant will be in touch with you or the relevant contact to discuss any issues arising for current projects as a result of these changes to our work practices.

If you have any questions or concerns about our implementation of the measures described above I encourage you to contact me directly by phone or email at any time.

Scott Collings

Managing Director