Finity partners with leading audience technology platform Eyeota

Finity partners with leading audience technology platform Eyeota

By August 1, 2019News

Finity has a new partnership with Eyeota, a leading audience technology platform that enables the intelligent use of data – addressing the growing demand for audience data in the Australian market.

Finity’s customer micro-segmentation product, Defin’d, offers comprehensive insights into customers, prospects and markets providing the ability to segment the Australian population by precise demographic characteristics, social nuances and purchasing behaviours.

“We are excited to be able to unleash the potential of Defin’d with Eyeota. Finity’s partnership with Eyeota delivers the next stage in practically deploying the power of our online audience targeting and the unique ability to reach sophisticated audience segments,” said Aaron Cutter, Finity Director.

“With the growing demand for quality data and segmentation in Australia, we are seeing a continued need to activate powerful offline data sets online to allow brands to reach the most relevant audiences and enrich their data strategy,” said Andrew Gilbert, Eyeota’s Commercial Director for Australia and New Zealand.

“The collaboration between Finity and Eyeota will deliver a unique view of customers at a granular level and diving deeper into their media consumption habits and behaviour,” said Gilbert. “This level of granularity means marketers can now put a magnifying glass over their customers to streamline their efforts and gain more purchasing power, while identifying new customers at the same time.”

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