Sustainability Matters for Government

Sustainability Matters for Government

By April 1, 2019News

Finity hosted its annual Sustainability Matters Breakfast Forum in Canberra to assist government organisations in developing sustainable long term policies that manage risks from adverse events affecting the Australian economy and population.

Every day, the government faces financial uncertainty, as federal funds are affected when sudden economic downturns and natural catastrophes occur.  A clear area of uncertainty surrounds long term climate related risks to Australian assets.  Beyond natural perils, actuaries help to make financial sense in areas such as aged care, health, retirement and education.

The forum featured an impressive line-up of leading risk and data analytics experts providing advice on how government should be thinking about uncertainty and protecting against it including Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, CASS Business School, London, author of the widely acclaimed book "Making a Market for Acts of God."

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Access the Sustainability Matters forum presentations here. For more about how Finity can help identify and mitigate risks in your organisation, download here or contact Stephen Lee.