Finity Graduate program

Finity Graduate program

By February 18, 2019News

Australian applications have now closed.

Cyclones, team sports and getting paid to study

Finity has now opened its doors to graduates. You only need three things to apply - a cover letter, resume and your academic transcripts.

Work with the best

Finity is the leading actuarial and consulting firm in Australia and New Zealand. As a result, graduates get to work directly with some of the best actuaries in the country.

“The people that you work with are the leaders of the firm, and definitely the cleverest people in the profession,” said Kane Hausfeld, a Finity employee who graduated university in 2017.

Brian Gao, a 2016 graduate now working at Finity, agreed: “Obviously at Finity we’re looking for someone who’s smart, who has the technical knowledge, but being able to communicate and express your ideas, that’s vital working at Finity.”

Real-life projects

From day one, you will be engaged in diverse and challenging real-life projects. Your manager will help you develop professionally, and you’ll be assigned a buddy to help you settle in to life at Finity.

Brian said: “To date, the most different and challenging project for me was building a new product. It was kind of new for Finity as well. Finity likes to push the boundaries.”

Kane’s most memorable project was about cyclones. “I’ve been on the perils team where essentially we create models to score properties around Australia on their risks of falling to natural perils like cyclones, floods and storms. I got to build a new version of our cyclone model which was really interesting.”


At Finity, you’ll never get bored. As part of the 12-month technical training that graduates undergo, you’ll get to try out all kinds of different areas of work, to find your niche. These areas include general insurance, self-insurance, pricing and evaluations, among other things.

Brian said: “Work-wise, it’s fantastic. There’s so much variety and for me that’s pretty important. I don’t think I would be happy doing just one thing, especially at an early stage in my career.”

Kane thinks Finity’s workload teaches people how to multitask. “You can work on multiple things at once, and can switch between tasks. If you want to shake things up then you can always do another task. You also get to try a lot of different areas of work to figure out your strengths and shape your career.”

 Path to leadership

In our friendly and supportive environment, you’ll work directly with industry leaders, learning from their experiences as you tackle exciting client projects together.

Ana Sikoska joined Finity in 2018, right after she graduated, and certainly feels she is on the path to leadership.

“Everyone in the firm wants young actuaries to be the best they can be. So they go out of their way to make sure you’re learning every step of the way. It’s almost like they’re making you think like a senior consultant so you can seamlessly step into that role later on.”

Study support

We help you qualify as an actuary, with generous study leave, financial support, active study groups and guru talks from our leaders. Did you know that Finity’s employees get double the average pass rates whenever they take their exams?

Ana is undergoing her actuarial exams at the moment and feels supported by the firm. “The study support at Finity is fantastic and our pass rates are miles ahead of the rest of the industry. People at Finity really encourage you to take days off to study and not to get caught up in work during that time. Also, we have these guru sessions where people that are sitting a particular exam will have a session with a senior consultant. They give them advice on how to pass the exam.”

Fun Environment

Finity has a relaxed and fun workplace culture. With an open-plan office and a limited sense of hierarchy, directors and graduates alike take part in fun activities including lunch time sports, social events and exam dares.

Ana couldn’t agree more. “One of the main reasons I wanted to work at Finity is because every touch point, every interaction I had with them was just really lovely. The best thing is they’re really good at what they do and they love doing it.”

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