Register now: Sustainability matters - modern tactics for government risk

Register now: Sustainability matters – modern tactics for government risk

By May 29, 2018News

Sustainability Matters - modern tactics for government risk is a breakfast forum for Canberra professionals hosted by Finity on Thursday 5 July 2018.

The forum will provide practical solutions to navigate an uncertain world, create a financially sustainable future, and protect the sovereign balance sheet.

Join some of Australia’s leading insurance and data analytics experts to discuss how you should be thinking about uncertainty and protecting against it.

The forum will include several key case studies of how government departments can utilise learnings from the insurance and data analytics to lead better policy outcomes.


Insurance ideas creating financially sustainable outcomes
Insurance is about managing the cost of uncertain events.  In this session, Steve Lee will discuss insurance principles and how they can be more broadly applied to non-insurance use cases.

Climate risk identification & reporting for government
The international Financial Stability Board recommendations on climate related financial disclosures will affect how private and public entities account for their climate risk exposures. This disclosure will increasingly be demanded by investor groups and credit ratings agencies. Tim Andrews, climate risk expert, will discuss the practical challenges in meeting the disclosure expectations.

Risk transfer and insurance solutions for sovereign risks
The private market offers solutions ranging from traditional insurance products to capital markets instruments to manage government expenditure on uncertain events. Vicki Mullen, senior reinsurance executive, discusses the innovative approaches that can be applied to the risks faced by government.

Streamlining regulation with AI
Data analytics enables you to do more with less. Graeme Adams will share how actuaries and statisticians have applied machine learning tools to catch fraud in motor accidents and to identify adverse consumer outcomes in home loans for ASIC.

Graeme Adams
Stephen Lee
Tim Andrews
Vicki Mullen
Swiss Re

Event details

Thursday 5 July 2018
Registration 7.30 am
Breakfast & seminar 7.45 - 10.00 am
QT Canberra 1 London Circuit, Canberra