Motor Accidents in ACT

Motor Accidents in ACT

By March 26, 2018News

A citizens jury in Canberra has given its report to the ACT government recommending changes to the CTP scheme.

The jury chose (from a choice of four) a model with the most change from the current scheme.  They want:

  • Up to five years of benefits for treatment, care, lost earnings and quality of life for anyone injured in an accident, regardless of fault
  • For those not at fault, access to further compensation by way of a common law claim, but limited to those with a serious injury (defined as Whole Person Impairment at least 10%).

The premium for a car is expected to reduce by $100 to $150 per year, moving from the highest premium in Australia to somewhere near the national average.

Geoff Atkins of Finity was pleased to be the scheme designer advising and supporting the jury and said he was ‘delighted by the process of thoughtful, rational decision making with the best interests of the community always at the centre.’

The ACT government has promised to go forward with the jury’s choice and expects to have legislation in parliament this year.

The report of the jury and a description of the new scheme can be found here.