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COVID-19 Insights

As the COVID-19 response continues to evolve we review the potential impact on General Insurance classes of business, and share our insights to help you respond to business challenges as they arise.

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Reinsurance update

By | COVID-19, News

COVID-19 has had a significant effect on reinsurance markets, with leading reinsurers suffering significant losses (see following table[1]). While Aon reported that global reinsurance capital fell by 6% over the…

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Mobility trends

By | COVID-19, News

In the early days of lockdowns in late March and early April, we saw mobility levels change drastically. Using the Google COVID-19 Community Mobility reports we estimate around a 50%…

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COVID-19 Susceptibility Index

COVID-19 Susceptibility Index

Where are the most vulnerable populations in Australia?
Our COVID-19 Susceptibility Index maps the most at-risk communities.

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The road to insurtech success

Marcello Negro, Finity's resident insurtech guru, looks at the key take outs of 2019 and shares some of the ways start ups have empowered their road to success.

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