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Climate risk a growing concern

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Government, business leaders and industry regulators are recognising that climate change represents a systemic financial risk that can no longer be ignored. “I’d be surprised if there were many Directors who haven’t…


Finity sponsor of 2018 Actuarial Hackathon

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Finity is a proud sponsor of the Actuaries Institute’s inaugural 2018 Actuarial Hackathon. The hackathon will run from the 1st May to 31st May and requires participants to work together in small teams and…


Health insurance cost pain after rules glitch

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Private health insurance premiums will climb and thousands of members will need legal protection from unexpected tax debts, after an extraordinary ­11-year misinterpretation of ­insurance rules – according to  The Australian ….

Curving Road

Motor Accidents in ACT

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A citizens jury in Canberra has given its report to the ACT government recommending changes to the CTP scheme. The jury chose (from a choice of four) a model with the…