We offer a unique predictive modelling service for insurers.

Our models, unavailable anywhere else, give highly accurate predictions of customer behaviour.


Coupled with our advice and insurance know-how, Finity models have informed successful pricing strategies for many Australian and New Zealand insurers. We work with you to create custom or off-the-shelf models that effectively manage claims costs, product demand and help you build a sustainable competitive advantage.


We use efficient statistical and machine learning techniques suited for insurance problems – driven by our team of 30+ statisticians, actuaries and pricing experts.

Case Study /

Customer retention

The insurer's challenge

A large Australian insurer wished to improve customer retention through targeted customer contact and effective pricing.

What Finity did

Finity built a set of predictive models which calculate the likelihood of a customer leaving in the next year, based on customers’ characteristics. Predictor categories included policy details, product holdings, competitor pricing for similar polices and dynamic behavioural characteristics such as their history of making claims and complaints. Finity used GBMs for the predictive modelling, which meant highly predictive efficient outputs.


The client now has the tools available to identify which customers are at highest risk of leaving and the likely reason why they might leave. With this intelligence, management can tailor marketing and offer to these customers to prevent them leaving.

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