Finity’s accident compensation and disability specialists are experts in valuing and pricing scheme liabilities. Rather than just giving you the numbers, we consider the environment and your needs to provide you with practical and real world recommendations.


We provide strategic advice, monitoring solutions and data analytics to insurers, schemes, regulators, government departments and government insurers across compulsory third party, workers compensation, lifetime care, medical injury and disability classes.

Finity is the Scheme Actuary to ten government insurers and/or regulators, providing the full suite of actuarial reviews and scheme design as required. We are the provider of choice for medical indemnity insurers and those with asbestos-related disease liabilities.

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Valuation of liabilities

Look beyond pure analytics to gain a deep understanding of cost drivers and their potential impact on your business. Build models of individual life time care needs.

Pricing, relativities and experience rating

Determine premium rates at both the aggregate level and individual risks. Our pricing specialists offer a full service that meets regulatory requirements and bespoke requests.

Monitoring and claim trends

In depth analysis of claims trends, both for whole-of-scheme and for individual insurers, benchmarking your claims experience.

Scheme design

Working closely with scheme management, regulators and industry bodies to understand the environment, stakeholders, claimant behaviour and costs, we assist in designing, costing and implementing alternative legislative solutions.

We work with

Government agencies, insurers and regulators and private insurers.

We pride ourselves on our practical, pragmatic, advice.  Also, what you see is what you get.
Our leadership team are committed to working closely with you – from scoping to delivery of the project.

We give you straight up access to our leaders who are engaged with your business from day one.

Case Study /


The client's challenge

A major government insurer wanted to benchmark their operational expenses against other comparable schemes in Australia and overseas

What Finity did

An expense 'baseline' for the insurer was established after analysing a detailed breakdown of historical and current operating expenses . A similar process was then undertaken for 20 other comparable schemes both locally and globally.


Our study identified where the insurer sat relative to other schemes in terms of operational efficiency. We identified best practice and provided timelines for how quickly the insurer might be expected to move towards these improved outcomes.

Focus on Mental Health

Our extensive research confirms mental health claims are different from other personal injury or illness claims, requiring different approaches to deliver optimal outcomes.  We can help you refine your operations and improve outcomes.

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We move quickly on current issues and their potential impact on schemes, managing insurers and claims agents - view our latest papers, presentations and articles.

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Andrew McInerney

Workers Compensation

Andrew McInerney

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Raj Kanhai


Raj Kanhai

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Gillian Harrex

Medical indemnity, disability and lifetime care

Gillian Harrex

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Geoff Atkins

Government schemes

Geoff Atkins

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David McNab

Asbestos-related disease

David McNab

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Our Partners

Finity is working on a number of assignments relating to NDIS, including projects where we partner with disability specialists.


Dyson Consulting

Dyson Consulting Group is Australia and New Zealand’s leading specialist consultancy in human services and disability insurance schemes. DCG has a proven track record in delivering high quality, robust, and innovative projects and is highly regarded for its ability to build genuine and productive relationships with stakeholders including government, service providers, individuals and service users.

Maree Dyson

Dr Maree Dyson is a consultant to the disability and disability insurance sectors in Australia and New Zealand; her particular interest is with people with disabilities. Maree completed her doctorate in 2000 and her work on resource modelling has been published internationally.  Her work was referenced by the Productivity Commission Enquiry into Disability Care and Support.
Read more about Maree Dyson.