Calise was an intern at Finity before joining us as a graduate in 2015. She shares her insights in her experience.


"My summer internship was an amazing way to peek into life as an actuarial consultant"

− Calise

What were the highlights of your summer internship at Finity?

My summer internship was an amazing way to peek into life as an actuarial consultant. Being the largest independent actuarial consultancy in Australia means that Finity has so much variety in terms of the type of work we do – there’s variety in the business sizes of clients we work for, in the types of insurance classes, and the nature of our actuarial work. As an intern, this variety was a massive opportunity to get a good understanding on the different ways actuaries work in the general insurance environment - and it was really interesting to understand how the theory we learn at uni applies in the professional setting.

Over my 10 weeks at Finity I got to be a part of a large number of projects, which included everything from compliance (Appointed Actuary) work for a lenders mortgage insurer, to analysis for asbestos liabilities.
The Finity culture was another huge highlight during my internship. Right from the start I had a buddy, who officially took me out to coffee catchups once a month and unofficially answered all my silly questions. On Thursday lunch I played on the basketball team; every Friday a large group goes down for a pub lunch; every lunchtime the Crossword Club gathers. And of course, the beer fridge is always open on Friday afternoons.

The summer was a great time to spend at Finity, especially due to the end-of-year celebrations. Our Christmas party was at Luna Park; I had a team dinner at karaoke; and exam dares and celebrations for those who passed their Part 3 actuarial exams was a huge day of laughs.

Share your top tips for being an intern

Applying – Finity’s application process is pretty straightforward – just a cover letter and a CV. Make sure that in your cover letter you show who you are – Finity is interested in seeing what drives you and what you love to do. Don’t just repeat your accomplishments and work experience – that’s already on your resume!

Interviewing – Be enthusiastic! Be genuine about why you want this opportunity, and show your passion to learn as much as you can from the opportunity. It’s okay to be a little nervous – I was! – but make sure you show them your personality and be sure to take in any feedback that they provide you with!

Making an impression – Ask lots of questions, be prepared to learn a lot. You’ll make mistakes and maybe be a little lost and confused, but it’s important to ask questions and get the right work done than spending hours on the wrong thing. If you have ideas, speak up and contribute. Get involved with the firm – whether it’s joining a sports club, going down to pub lunches or helping the crossword club. Most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun!

Tell us more about the crossword club…

Every lunchtime, the crossword club gathers in the kitchen to have a crack at the Sydney Morning Herald cryptic crossword. It’s amazing to see how some Finitians manage to translate a seemingly nonsensical clue and come up with an answer that fits!

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