Andrew was an intern at Finity before joining us as a graduate in 2016. He tells us about his experience so far.

Andrew Xu

"All the work I was doing had purpose and value, which made me feel like an important part of Finity."

− Andrew

Why did you choose to apply for a summer internship at Finity ?

Finity has a fantastic reputation and is known to do quality work. With so many experts in all of the different branches of general insurance, I thought Finity would be the perfect place to get familiar with actuarial work. As the largest independent GI actuarial consulting firm, there was no other place I would rather have gained work experience.

What surprised you the most about working at Finity?

Going into working life for the first time, I expected office life to be a bit dull and oppressive. So, when I started my internship at Finity, I was surprised at how alive and open it was. Everyone was so easy-going and friendly. From analysts to principals, everyone was genuine, approachable and eager to help. It was so warm and welcoming and so far removed from what I thought office life would be.

What did you gain from your 10 week internship?

Working on a large variety of projects taught me so much about what it really means to be an actuary. While a small amount of the information you learn in university is useful, there is so much to be learned in practice. During my internship, I was assigned to both large and small projects.

Working on large projects with a big team allowed me to work in-depth on single components. It also taught me how to work in teams where my work depends on their work and vice-versa. As a small piece of something much larger, it was really interesting when I saw it all come together.

Working on the smaller projects gave me a more holistic view of the work. By being involved in everything in the smaller projects, I understood how all the pieces fit together and what the role of each little part was.

What were the highlights of your summer internship at Finity

I was really impressed that Finity utilises everyone’s strengths. Some of the projects I worked on used my VBA programming knowledge, which allowed me to develop my skills while contributing value to the company. All the work I was doing had purpose and value, which made me feel like an important part of Finity despite being an intern. December and January were great times to be at Finity for social events as well. There were plenty of celebrations like exam dares and Christmas parties to add a spark to working life.

Share your top tips for being an intern?

Never underestimate the value of having a tailored resume and cover letter. Tailoring your resume and cover letter shows the employer that this is the position that really matters to you. It is a lot of effort, but it goes a long way. Apart from that, all the usual tips apply: keep it clear and concise, focus on your strengths, show you are a well-rounded individual.

As for the interview, I’ve always thought being genuine and staying down-to-earth is the way to go. When you walk in, just be yourself, but be the best version of yourself. As usual, a confident handshake and a winning smile (mine still probably needs some work) help too.

Once you’ve landed the position and started the job, put your best foot forward and don’t be too worried about your performance all the time. Focus on the task at hand and ask questions when necessary and the rest should sort itself out. Good luck!

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