Tim is a Principal at Finity based in Sydney.  He is an Actuary and has 30 years’ experience in General Insurance, specialising particularly in property pricing and natural perils.

Tim Andrews

  Ph +61 2 8252 3385

   Mobile +61 405 189 549

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial lines pricing
  • Home pricing
  • Natural perils
  • Climate change
  • Appointed Actuary


Tim has a wide range of experience in reserving and pricing for most classes of general insurance.  He is currently the Appointed Actuary for four insurers.

Tim leads Finity’s Natural Perils practice area.  In this role he has led the development of the firm’s finperils address level risk rating products.  He had undertaken extensive work on the impacts of Climate Change and El Nino Southern Oscillation on insurance claims costs.

Key Accomplishments

  • Advice to Treasury on Cyclone Risk:  Led  Finity’s advice to the Northern Australia Insurance Premiums Taskforce on the impact of a cyclone risk pool.
  • finperils: Led the development of the firm’s finperils address level risk rating products for storm, cyclone, bushfire and flood.  This has involved blending Finity’s geospatial, pricing and statistical capabilities.
  • Commercial lines risk raters: Assisted an insurer with risk rating models across its major commercial lines classes to enable more granular and reliable assessment of cost.
  • Assessment of Probable Maximum Loss:  Developed a framework to enable the insurer to establish its PML.